Yes, it’s unlimited, just like our love for bacon. You can submit as many requests as you like.
It begins with you telling us key details to help us get going. This helps us understand your company, brand style, target audience, unique selling proposition and more. Next, you’ll fill out a content request form for each piece of content or groupings of content you want us to write for you. Then, we use our proprietary AI tools to create initial drafts and our actual intelligence editors review, fact check, edit, format and make sure it meets our standards. Then we send it back to you for review and approval. If it doesn’t hit the mark, you’ll let us know and we’ll adjust as needed. The more we work together, the better we get at learning your brand voice, tone, style and about your product or service. And most importantly, we make sure your content has heart. We load the finished content into your portal and you take it from there
We’ll work on three requests at a time, moving the next request into the queue as each one is delivered. Revisions count against the number of active requests. Our goal is five working days to first draft, but quality is (and always will be) our top priority. Sometimes we need more time to make sure the quality is on point, and sometimes we don’t need that long at all. We use real people who take time to get to know your company and audience. It may take us a bit longer at the start, but ultimately, we want to get you quality content as quickly as possible.
Articles are sent through the BottomlessBacon portal where you can make comments and edits.
We leverage the power of AI for the initial drafts and have a team of US-based, professional editors who go through a rigorous hiring and training process before they can be bacon certified. Our team has experience in a wide range of topics and are experts at researching and writing great top-of-the-funnel content designed to generate awareness and interest.
That’s crazy talk, and it rarely happens, but ok, here goes. First thing’s first, We’ve been doing this for nearly a decade and don’t often encounter a situation where we can’t get it right. All we need is good communication and a willingness on your part to be engaged in the process. Our editing team is made up of professionals who do their research and know how to right (kidding!) on a wide variety of topics and target audiences. Additionally, you are able to provide us with examples of content and/or writing styles you like, as well as edits and feedback that we always pay close attention to. We are committed to making sure you are satisfied.
Hush your mouth. Absolutely not. Every piece of content is original and custom. It’s a custom creation for you, your brand, and your audience
Absolutely, the unlimited subscription includes blog articles, press releases and podcast/webinar notes, and takeaways. But we also offer ala carte projects, including long-form content, social media content, email and drip sequences, podcast/webinar notes & takeaways, we even write books.
We’ve written for almost every industry you can think of, but we do have deep expertise in technology, financial services, healthcare, legal, professional services, travel, fitness, lifestyle brands and more.
One of our favorite axioms is: We write for humans first, and machines second. That said, every piece of content takes into account SEO best practices and is optimized to be found.
Yep, we love you agency folks. You can sign up and use our services for any of your brands/accounts. If you want to include additional brands/accounts, you’ll need to sign up for an additional subscription for each one.
What refund policy (sad trombone)? Use it or lose it.

If you want your content to have heart, you need a human.